Who are we?

We are private, professional, human resource development company that is inspired by the vision of raising the latent entrepreneurial and managerial competencies in Lao PDR. Our shareholders are team members drawn from the successful and well-known Lao-German Small Enterprise Development Project (SEDP). We are young, fresh, vibrant, dynamic, and extremely creative. All have advanced business and liberal arts degrees from Australia, the Philippines and the former Soviet Union.

We are all practitioners of Competency-based Economies through the Formation of Entrepreneurs (CEFE) a comprehensive set of interactive and learner-centered courses. Theses courses are used by the Government of Germany, in over 70 countries, to effectively respond to poverty  alleviation, employment generation, rural and informal economy development, enterprise and project management, capacity building, and management development issues.

For several years we have worked with many clients, such as you, under varying multidisciplinary and collective talents ensure a focus on the national culture, and the needs and aspirations of the  people. Our training solutions are aimed at durable and positive attitudinal changes.

We are committed to the intrinsic values of adult learning methods and new instructional technologies for conducting high-impact training in the most cost-effective manner that ensure the highest value for money. We share the understanding that, as your consultant, our success is measured by how we contribute to your overall success.

We support our clients and the stakeholders in conceiving and implementing their own solutions and not grafted on solution.



Our Vision and Approach:

Our approach to development is participatory Development requires the management of change. Technical inputs are only one important component to facilitate development. To make it sustainable, it has to be based on people. Sustainable development requires a people- oriented, participatory approach to management and consultancy.

To be the primary learning organization committed to the stimulation, promotion, and fulfillment of the Lao entrepreneurial spirit and culture.

Our Mission:

Our teams of consultants therefore integrate varied, relevant skills - namely technical skills and the socio-economic and communication skills needed to facilitate and manage a process of change. One of our strengths lies in co-ordination multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams to achieve synergy effects. An open toolbox including a broad range of techniques and methods supports the teams in their work. This enables them to provide the link between the       ' Top-down' and ' bottom-up ' approaches to management.

On the other hand, we intend to develop innovative and simple ways of improving the dialogue, co-operation and partnership with development in institution to assist new and existing small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) in enhancing their participation in the global economy.

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